Marriages can be tricky things. After a while, relationships get rhythmic, and they fall into their own unique patterns. Sometimes, these patterns can disagree with one or both of the people involved, and problems start to occur. This can lead to arguments, broken homes, and divorce. 

However, you might find that your marriage is salvageable and be able to fall into a pattern that suits you far better and keeps your marriage healthy. For that reason, here are some things you can do to keep your marriage healthy as we mark St. Valentine’s Day 2022. 

#1 Take things one step at a time 

If it looks like your marriage might be heading for the rocks, it might be a sign that you need to start to take things one step at a time. You will definitely notice this when you and your significant other exit what is known as the ‘honeymoon phase’. You might feel that things are winding down, and your relationship has lost some of its spark, but it is just maturing into something that will remain a lot more permanent if you keep on tending to it. 

Taking this time slowly and looking at what might be missing from the relationship might be something well worth doing, and it can help stop negative thoughts from spiraling out of control. 

#2 Work in ‘favors’

Working in ‘favors’ can be a good way to balance your relationship and really see if someone in your relationship is unwilling to communicate or put in the effort. This can be done by doing little things. If someone washes the dishes, the other dries them up and puts them away. Someone makes the bed, the other picks out the clothes for them to wear. It might sound mundane, but it can be a good way to build on teamwork to build a more stable foundation for your relationship to thrive on.

#3 Focus on communication

As in all things, you have to communicate. If something is wrong, talk to them about it. Encourage people to open up about their feelings, encourage seeing your partner as your friend rather than the adversary. Of course, if you still feel like you are walking on eggshells around them, or they just turn everything into an argument, you might need to start to consider ending the relationship. You deserve someone who is emotionally mature enough not to see you as an enemy or competition when you are trying to solve a problem together. 

#4 Go to counseling 

If all else fails, by going to reliable therapists, such as San Diego Individual Therapy, you can work to rebuild your marriage and try again. Going to counseling is also a good idea if things aren’t working, but there is still love. You need to get professional advice, feel the ground beneath your feet, and orientate, especially if you have been with this person for years and you cannot fathom why there have been so many issues between you in recent months.