Many of us love watching cute animal videos and know the delight and happiness that an animal can bring to our lives, so you might be tempted to get a pet. Whether you are thinking of getting a small creature for the first time in your life, or a companion you have had ever since you were a child, pets can become an important foundation of a healthy, happy life. Read on to find out some of the ways that having a pet can transform you, and what to think about if you are planning to get one.

Pets teach you to look beyond yourself

It goes without saying that having any kind of pet means having to take care and be responsible for another living creature. Pets need care and attention, from good, healthy food from somewhere like the Exceptional Pets Shop, to stimulation, emotional attention, kindness and patience.

By learning to pay attention to another being’s needs, especially a pet that relies completely upon you for care and love, you can find yourself becoming more compassionate and understanding. This can have profound benefits for your mental health, as it can help you learn to be less judgemental and kinder to yourself, as well as others.

They can help you get more active

If you have been struggling to get back into a fitness regime and do not want to have a formal workout routine, then getting a dog can be an amazing way to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle, without making it seem like a chore. Most types of dogs will need regular walks, often needing to go at least once a day, if not more, and this can have immense benefits for both the dog and its owner.

Getting outdoors daily to let your dog exercise will inevitably mean you will get into the habit of going for a walk too. For younger and more active dogs, you can even integrate a run into your routine, as they will often want to go faster and for longer distances to help them use up their energy. You can often find leads and hands-free attachments that can be used while you jog or cycle, helping you to work towards your fitness goals at the same time.

They can improve your mental health

Lastly, anyone who has ever had a pet before in the past will know the deep comfort that can come from a cuddle from a beloved dog, a favourite hamster, or the gentle sound of a purring cat besides you. Pets have been found to have very positive effects on people’s mental health, easing feelings of loneliness and sadness, and encouraging them to be more sociable. 

You do not necessarily need to have a high-demand animal like a cat or dog to enjoy the benefits either. Smaller animals, birds, reptiles and even goldfish can still have a positive impact on your life and are often easier to take care of, especially if you are a first-time pet owner.