When planning a wedding, the most significant decision you’ll make is which venue you’ll choose. You need somewhere that is not only a location that will make your guests happy but also somewhere that you can carry out your fairytale wedding in the manner you wish. 


The problem with many attractive wedding destinations – such as the top of mountains – is that they’re not all that practical. It’s hard to walk for hours in a wedding dress, and practically impossible for any members of your wedding party with mobility issues. 


You need to think carefully, therefore, about what the perfect wedding venue means to you. While it would be nice to get married in a spectacular setting, it isn’t always practical. Waterfalls, mountain-top views, and unspoilt beaches have a habit of being much further from civilisation than you’d like. 


Pick A Venue That Complements Your Vision



When you imagine your wedding day, how do you picture it? What type of environment are you in? 


For a lot of women, the answer is simple: somewhere that has a theme you like, beautiful surroundings, and enough space and access for all your guests. 


If, however, you’re looking for a more natural setting, you may want to choose a venue that is close to a beautiful feature or overlooks a spectacular view. Many hotels around the world fit the bill, without requiring you to take hundreds of guests on long marches through the wilderness. 


Choose Wedding Specialists


Venues differ from each other dramatically in their ability to host weddings. Those with experience, such as Clevedon Hall, can provide all the support you need for all parts of the day, including catering. Others, however, are less well equipped and could let you down. 


While you might have visions of your wedding day taking place at a particular venue – perhaps one you have fond memories of from your childhood – you also need to make practical considerations. Ask yourself whether the site and its staff has the acumen to pull off a full-scale wedding or if you might be disappointed. Inexperienced venues can have issues with sound, catering and accommodating guest vehicles. 


If you do decide to choose a location that doesn’t ordinarily cater to weddings, try having a dress rehearsal with the venue staff to see whether they have the facilities you need to pull it off. Sometimes you might want to compromise on location to get a better overall service for you and your guests. 


Don’t Blast Through Your Budget


While there are some stunning, purpose-built wedding venues out there, they aren’t always very friendly to your budget. Remember, when it comes to your wedding venue, you need somewhere that enables you and your spouse to have a beautiful wedding day, but won’t impoverish you for years to come. A site might look spectacular, but if you have to go into debt to pay for it, you probably won’t look back on it fondly in years to come. 


Finding a perfect wedding venue, therefore, is about more than that magical feeling you get when you see something that looks beautiful. There are practical considerations too.