It’s no secret that stress is one of the biggest issues of the modern world. Many people are under immense pressure because of family, school, and work, which takes a tremendous toll on their health and wellbeing.

One of the most touted cures for alleviating stress is exercise. But are you aware that the wrong kind of exercise regime can actually work against you? When our bodies are stressed, our hormone levels are elevated, and our systems are under duress. Being mindful of how you exercise is key to helping reduce your stress levels while maintaining overall health.

Keep reading if you are feeling stressed and are wondering how you can plan a healthy exercise regime.

Avoid High-Intensity Workouts

This might be difficult to hear, but high-intensity workouts when you’re under continuous stress can be damaging for your body. Stress initiates the release of cortisol, a hormone that is involved in our fight-or-flight system. Exercise also releases cortisol, especially if it’s high-intensity training. 

While periodic bursts of cortisol are normal, ongoing stress means that your body is constantly producing this hormone, which then wreaks havoc on your overall system – eventually leading to burnout or adrenal fatigue. If you’re under a lot of stress, avoid high-intensity workouts and opt for gentler exercises such as dance fitness, Pilates, or Barre. These workouts will still get your heart rate going but without too much pressure on the body.



Take Time for Meditation and Relaxation

One of the most important things to do when you’re stressed is to take time out for relaxation. Stress is stored in the body as tension; therefore, ensuring that you stretch regularly and breathe will release that tension, improving oxygen and energy flow. This will also calm your nervous system and give you time to release the gasket from your stressful day. 

In terms of your exercise routine, try to implement a 10-minute stretch or meditation session at the end of your workout. Relaxation can extend beyond the fitness studio, too: why not relax in the park, read a good book, or shop online using Zaful Coupons to buy yourself some new activewear? 



Eat Sensibly 

An exercise regime doesn’t just consist of fitness and movement. What you eat and consume daily will have big effects on your stress levels and overall wellbeing. When it comes to stress, in particular, it’s important to avoid stimulants because your body is already in overdrive. Also, consistently high cortisol levels increase the amount of glucose in the blood, which means that avoiding high-carb and sugary foods is vital. This can be difficult because we often crave these foods when we’re stressed. In the long run, though, eating a balanced diet with increased vegetables and healthy proteins will help your body immensely, giving you sustained energy, and fewer sugar crashes throughout the day.



If you’re feeling stressed, it’s important to be good to yourself and take time to relax, eat well, and exercise in a way that doesn’t exhaust your body. The above guidance can serve as a starting point to a new, more relaxed you.