As this guest post explains, work-related injuries can have a huge impact on our confidence. Not only can they impact how capable we feel on a day-to-day basis, but also our feeling of wellness. This is not helped by the way that those who have had an injury are referred to. You may have been cc’d into emails where you are described as ‘recovering’ or ‘unwell.’ It is therefore paramount that we restore this feeling of wellness as and when we are able to. 

Keep practicing intuitive eating

In times such as this, you should endeavor to eat intuitively, or to put it simply, eat regularly and when your body needs you to. It will be more important than ever to eat a healthy, balanced diet that is packed full of nutrients. Making comfort foods that are packed full of veg and are made from scratch will help you to feel satisfied and reassured during a challenging time. 

If you’re worried about losing some of your muscle mass while you’re resting, be sure to keep your protein levels up as you usually would. If you’re not exercising, then you won’t need quite so much, but having a balanced diet that contains a decent balance of healthy proteins, fats and carbs will help you to keep your blood sugar regulated, which in turn, will keep you feeling sated and happier. 

Be practical but take it slow

While you are recovering, you will need to sort out some of the practicalities of having an injury that was caused by your workplace. You may need to consider legal action and talk to solicitors. Do some of your research online first while you rest up, and browse online solicitors, which can be found at websites such as Taking formal steps to help with the compensation side of your work-related injury will help you to start processing your reintegration into everyday life. 

Remember your identity 

It’s common for those who have suffered an accidental injury to feel as if it now constitutes as part of their identity. However, it is important to remember that your individuality exists outside of the condition you are currently in. Taking up activities you love – whether that’s painting, going for walks or yoga – as you start to get better is a great way to remind yourself of who you are. 

Social support

Sometimes we all need support and a reminder to look after our general wellbeing. In order to re-build a path to wellness, it’s very important to seek support from friends and family. If you’re shying away from taking walks due to anxiety, or are living off of oven meals because you just want immediate comfort, then don’t struggle alone. Friends can help you to build motivation to cook wholesome meals and enjoy the sunshine. 

The road to wellness after a work-related injury might be a bumpy one for you. You may find your optimism has dropped, or that your appetite has fallen a little. However, it is important to keep up some form of routine to get you living life as normal. Eating regularly, exercising if it’s possible, and taking practical steps to recover will help you to feel back to normal in no time.