Feeling Stressed Out?


Stress has become a part of modern life and so many of us are chronically stressed out that we have become to see it as normal. But long-term stress can be detrimental to your overall health, weight, fitness levels, emotional health and sleep patterns.

Have you heard about the connection between high stress levels and weight gain around the middle? 


Adrenaline is released when stress levels are raised. It increases levels of cortisol circulating the body, which is the stress hormone that encourages fat to be stored around your middle. Factor in the refined sugar that many people eat daily, and there’s a regular insulin spike to add to the cortisol levels. 

Together, these hormones can be troublesome for anybody trying shift stomach fat and bloating.

Sugary Foods and Insulin


Have a sweet tooth? Many people do!

Simple sugars provide an instant burst of energy for the body, which is why so many people reach for a biscuit or bar to combat that mid-afternoon energy slump. But this instant rush of glucose into your bloodstream causes your blood sugar to quickly raise. This then triggers the pancreas to release insulin, which stores the excess glucose as fat. Insulin is a major fat-storing hormone, and its control is crucial to longterm successful weight management. 

Insulin and Cortisol 


Insulin is viewed as your fat-storing hormone, as it instructs the body to store fat around your middle to be easily accessed for quick energy. So cortisol and insulin can work together to weight around the midsection and increase your cravings for more sugar and caffeine. It’s truly a vicious cycle.

Manage Stress Levels


Managing stress levels is really the best solution for helping to relax your mind and encourage your body to burn fat more effectively.

I find that taking time out each day to exercise and simply relax can really help to lower stress levels. But everybody is different and what matters is finding the time to regularly relax and unwind. Spending time with friends and family, meditation, yoga, watching a movie, having a bath, going for a massage, cuddling your pet can all help you to feel good and lower those cortisol levels to help you look and feel your best.