Many people talk about the convenience of carrying a baby throughout the colder months – but not about being a new mom in the summertime. Having an infant to carry and run around for can be a big adjustment, especially for those living in a warmer climate. 

It is joyful, of course, but tiring too – and the sweltering summer heat only adds to that fatigue. It is important to take care of yourself when experiencing life as a new mom, so why not invest in items that will make it much easier to do so?

Insulated Bottle

Firstly, hydration is crucial in getting through the day. After childbirth, it is common for moms to experience symptoms like hot flushes and sweats, which are just a few of the many postpartum side effects because of the body adjusting. 

Drinking cold water regularly can help alleviate these symptoms by preventing dehydration and keeping the body cool. Insulated bottles specifically have thermal properties that keep the water cool for the entire day, so investing in a decent-sized one can be beneficial.

Baby Carrier

Babies grow quickly and carrying them can be exhausting – which is why a baby carrier could be incredibly convenient. Ensuring the child is secure, supported, and soothed, baby carriers come in a wide range of styles and shapes to suit every mom and infant. 

A baby carrier isn’t restrictive either; it allows full freedom of the arms but keeps the baby at the chest for comfort, which is perfect for summer when constant lifting can become a sweaty ordeal. Overall, baby carriers are ideal for getting through summer plans with ease and convenience and are definitely worth investing in.

Breastfeeding Vests

It is natural for a mom to breastfeed, but it can sometimes be inconvenient in public. This is because not all clothing is suitable, and summer tops may not be accommodating for breastfeeding moms. 

For this reason, nursing tops and vests are on the rise and favoured among breastfeeding mothers. If breastfeeding during summer is a concern, it might be worth searching for a breastfeeding vest to make feeding a whole lot easier whilst maintaining a comfortable and stylish postpartum closet.

Sun Protection

Amid the excitement of summer as a new mom, remember to keep on top of sun protection. UV rays can be extremely harmful to the skin, so it’s wise to invest in highly protective SPF products designed for mom and baby. 

Postpartum hormonal changes can cause the skin to lose hydration, and with babies naturally having much more sensitive skin, it is vital that this is protected from damage. As babies are delicate, moms should ideally search for toddler-friendly skincare SPF items rather than picking up an adult sun lotion to cover both.

Ultimately, making the most of summer as a new mom can easily be achieved by taking simple precautions and investing in products designed to make parenting life easier. Stay hydrated with an insulated bottle, free those arms with a baby carrier, incorporate breastfeeding vests into your closet, and carry around sun protection to optimise your health and well-being – and of course, your baby’s too.