ISPCA wedding favours


In the run-up to our wedding last summer, when all the major decisions had been made, we began to think about how we could make the day really personal to us. And an important part of that for us meant including our two little Pomeranian dogs, Leo and Ted. They couldn’t be with us in Ibiza, but we wanted our furry sons to play a part in the big day! Having enjoyed my role as an ambassador for the Irish Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) for almost 10 years, I thought it would be extremely apt to include Leo and Ted by getting their fluffy little faces printed on ISPCA favour cards, to leave at each guest’s place at the wedding meal. Rather than buy the usual chocolates or sugared almond wedding favours, the ISPCA favours are a brilliant way to feature your pets on your wedding day for all animal lovers, and they’re a sweet little token for guests to bring home with them too. Plus, it raises important funds for the charity, of course. 


Leo and Ted


I simply took a photo of the dogs on a digital camera, so that it would be high-res enough to print on the cards. Then I ordered online and the favours arrived within a week or two. Easy! Our guests loved the idea and our boys were a part of our wedding day 🙂