Free or cheap fitness solutions have long been at the forefront of the exercise world as a reason that everyone should get stuck in. Why wouldn’t you workout when you can do so using kitchen cupboard ingredients that you already have easy access to? Why not keep on top with your routine when you can stay fit on-the-go for the mere cost of a yoga mat, or the effort it takes to go for a run? On the outside, these definitely seem like fantastic fitness incentives. Sadly, as many of us are now realizing, free fitness does also have a downside.


The simple fact is that, when you aren’t financially invested in your fitness, there’s a far higher chance your mental investment will also be less. This can lead to faltering efforts and altogether giving up without having to face any consequences. And, that’s not good for your body!

By comparison, individuals who spend a little on their fitness journey are far more likely to slip into reliable routines. Hence why studies show that the average American now spends as much as $155 per month on their fitness efforts. Of course, this amount isn’t within easy reach for everyone, and there’s no reason you need to spend quite that much. Still, you may well find that splashing even small amounts of cash opens you up to a range of benefits here. Keep reading to find out what they are. 


# 1 – Access to the best gear


Whether you invest in a gym membership or consider the best cardio machines for your home gym, there’s no denying that cash opens you up for easy access to the best possible fitness equipment. In other words, spending a little money here can help you to get the most from even short workout sessions that you’ve been struggling with until now. Gym memberships are especially beneficial from this standpoint, as one flat fee can see you accessing a whole range of top-quality equipment whenever you need it. 


The simple fact is that free or DIY fitness solutions will never be as efficient as those more pricey pieces of kit. Hence the difference in price! While cheaper options are undeniably better than nothing, then, a willingness to spend a little more could see you getting far more out of your every exercise effort. And, that’s a goal we should all, ultimately, be working towards.

# 2 – The money motivation


For the most part, the benefit of spending on your fitness is simply the motivation that a cash incentive can buy you. If you haven’t spent anything on your fitness focus, then the simple fact is that you don’t lose anything by not continuing the trend. Just like that, you could find that your free-running regime starts to unravel in a matter of weeks. By comparison, investing in gear or committing to a long-term gym membership provides far more incentive, not least because you won’t want to waste the money you’ve spent. This, alone, should see you down the gym on a far more regular basis. There’s certainly little chance of falling off that fitness wagon when your money is at stake. 



# 3 – A chance to boost your earning potential


While spending a small fortune on fitness may seem painful from the off, it’s also worth noting that the regular fitness habits this effort can incite may well lead to a boost in your overall earning potential. There’s now a great deal of evidence out there to suggest that a regular fitness routine can improve everything from your work focus to your productivity and beyond. Therefore, many would argue that fitness spending is actually an investment you can’t afford to miss. A basic gym membership that buys you access to these benefits could, therefore, see you enjoying significant returns, and improved health to boot. Admittedly, you do need to stick to at least two and a half hours of fitness a week to make this possible. But, once your fitness starts earning for you, you’ll never think twice about spending that initial outlay on it again. 


# 4 – Easier access to professional assistance


Professional assistance of all shapes and sizes can work wonders for fitness from every angle. Not only do classes/physical trainer sessions provide increased motivation, but they also help you develop fitness plans, and even make friends with others embarking on the same health-based journey. And guess what? This level of professional assistance is only possible when you’re willing to spend a little to achieve it.


Gyms across the country now offer a range of assistance options, including classes in about any discipline you could imagine. Sign up for these, and your fitness efforts could soon soar under the watchful eye of people who know precisely what they’re doing. In most cases, a full gym membership will incorporate additions like these. Even if you have to pay extra, the expertise on offer makes this worthwhile in near enough every instance. 


# 5 – A fast-pass to longer fitness sessions


As we’ve touched on, spending money to access the best equipment could well see you working out for shorter periods and still seeing significant returns. Efforts here can also lead to longer workout sessions with even better results overall. 


In many ways, this again harks back to the motivation to get the most from the money you’ve already spent here. Signing up for classes as discussed in the last point could also see you approached structured and pre-timed sessions that would have remained out of reach otherwise. 


And, of course, you don’t need us to tell you the benefits of working out for longer. As well as drastically improving your stamina, having the motivation to push yourself in these ways can also work to improve your fitness overall. And, that’s ultimately what this entire fitness quest is all about. 


How much should you spend on your fitness efforts?


While there’s no denying that spending money on fitness can work wonders for your focus here, it’s also crucial that you take the time to understand how much you should be spending on your efforts. After all, while we discussed national averages at the beginning of this post, these are next to useless when it comes to considering your unique position. 


The main thing to note here is that your fitness spending should never exceed your expendable income. Otherwise, these benefits can soon turn into a stress-inducing pressure that’s never going to help with overall health. In the worst-case scenario, assuming that you need to spend an absolute fortune here could backfire and see you not embarking on fitness goals altogether. 


Instead, then, consider options that fit comfortably within your budget. Once you start researching, you should find that options like local running classes and even some gym membership are far cheaper than you might imagine. And, even these seemingly modest expenditures can bring every benefit mentioned here and more. 


In fact, it pays to remember that fitness expense is never a case of ‘more is more.’ You get the same benefits here from spending $10 as you do from spending $50. With that in mind, fitness still shouldn’t seem out of reach for even those on lower incomes. At the very least, pairing modestly paid options with the free fitness we’ve referred to throughout this article could see your efforts flourishing at last. Whatever you do, remember that you’re spending to give yourself a boost, not to empty your bank account!