Here’s a sneak peek into my wardrobe with a series of Q&As, plus pictures of some of my favourite pieces!


1. Can you start by describing your wardrobe: Freestanding/walk-in, neat/messy, do you share with your husband or have your own?

We’re very lucky to have a fairly large walk-in wardrobe at home, with an island in the centre, special shelves for shoes and a vanity section with a big mirror surrounded by lights for doing hair and make-up. I think I have taken over most of this area, and Wes has his own smaller set of shelves and wardrobe space in the main part of the bedroom. We both have our own space which is nice!



2. When it comes to fashion, are you a hoarder or do you regularly spring clean. Any rules of thumb such as every time you buy something new, you throw something old out or grouping things by colour or style in your wardrobe so they’re easy to see?
 I’m a bit of a hoarder and have summer clothes and extra rails packed into the spare room! I just can’t help hanging onto clothes as often things come back into fashion or they have sentimental value. Also, the nature of my job means that I have to have a range of dresses on hand for various jobs, like this fun white and yellow car dress from, so it doesn’t make sense to me to throw them out each season. Although I do get rid of certain things and send them onto charity shops, and Wes does the same. But I’m sure I could get rid of a lot more!
3. What are your wardrobe staples – if someone looked in your wardrobe what would they see most of hanging up?
I have loads of jeans in every colour, plus boots and little tops and jumpers, That’s what I would wear day to day. I’ve also got lots of sports gear in all sorts of bright colours, and a lot of the time I go around in my gym gear. I’m fairly low-maintenance on days off and usually have no make-up and messy hair! I have a pretty big collection of cocktail dresses, built up over the years too.
 In My Wardrobe
4. What did you do with your wedding dress – upstyle it and wear it again, get it dry cleaned and put into storage or other?
I had my dress cleaned and stored away in a proper box. I might take it out on our anniversary and wear it around for the day… If I can still fit into it!
 In My Wardrobe
5. Apart from your wedding dress, is there any outfit in your wardrobe that holds particular sentimental value that you could never bear to give away, like your Miss World dress?
I have a few pieces that are very special to me, including my Miss World dress and shoes. Also pieces that my mum has given to me, such as a 1920s sequinned cape, a ’70s Gucci bag and a few vintage dresses that she used to wear. I look after them carefully. 
 In My Wardrobe
6. Of everything in your wardrobe, what is your best and worst buy? Is there anything you look back on and say ‘I wish I’d never worn that!’
I bought a great pair of yellow and black Jimmy Choo stilettos in a tiny vintage shop in Paris for an absolute steal a few years ago. Brand new and in my size! They’re one of my favourite buys. But I tend to stick to high-street brands for my everyday clothes as I don’t like to spend a huge amount of money on clothes, but do splash out a little bit more on good quality bags and shoes. I wish I’d never worn the baggy shell suit tracksuit bottoms that I used to wear around UCD when I went to college there. Not one bit flattering!
 In My Wardrobe
7. Does it take long to pick out an outfit in the morning or evening: Do you decide what you’re going to wear beforehand or is it a last minute dash?
 I’m a bit of a nerd and tend to choose my outfit the night before and lay it out, so that I’m not wasting time in the morning digging around for something to wear. Mornings are hectic enough as it is!
 In My Wardrobe
8. People probably assume that designers are clamouring to dress you … do you have any favourite designers (Irish or otherwise) and what about high street pieces? Like all Irish women, do you have a soft spot for Penneys?!
I absolutely love Penney’s, Zara, H&M and River Island and can never resist a nose around when I’m passing! I love wearing clothes by the Irish designer Dawn Fitzgerald, as her dresses always make me feel so feminine and glamourous. She designed the stunning beaded lace evening gown, that I wore last June for our wedding party.
 In My Wardrobe
9. Are you a handbag or shoe girl? What is your go-to bag/shoes?
I’m a bit of both I think. The older I get, the more I appreciate comfortable shoes though and will avoid wearing heels unless absolutely necessary! I like a big handbag, and Wes bought me a beautiful red Michael Kors bag for Christmas, which fits my laptop and is so handy for travelling as I can get a lot of work done on flights. 
 In My Wardrobe

10. Lastly, how would you describe your signature style?

I think I’d describe it as classic and feminine. I know what shapes suit me and I don’t follow trends too closely, as I look ridiculous in anything too trendy!

In My Wardrobe