shopping list

Condiments/ Specialist Ingredients

Pictured are many of the more specialist ingredients in my kitchen, that feature in my recipes. I usually buy them in health food stores, including NourishHealth Matters and Holland and Barrett:

Raw Cacao Powder

Cacao Nibs

70%+ Dark Chocolate

Nutritional Yeast

Wholegrain Mustard

Sun dried tomatoes

Artichoke hearts


Vanilla extract

Peppermint oil

Dried white mulberries

Sun Warrior Protein Powder (Chocolate, vanilla or plain)

Organic miso paste

Pink Himalayan sea salt

Chlorella tablets and Spirulina powders


Organic Maple Syrup

Honey (Preferably raw and locally produced. This is not vegan and contains fructose, so better for limited use)



Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Nectar

Organic raisins

Dried unsweetened cranberries



Dried apricots (avoid brands containing preservatives like sulphur dioxide)

Dried unsweetened mango

Blackstrap molasses