My husband always laughs at me when I leave the house announcing that I’m off to get fake lashes applied to my own lashes…. To his practical male brain, it does sound a little bit mental!

But these lashes from Up To My Eyes have been a big part of my beauty routine for work for the past few years. Once I realised how much they make your eyes ‘pop’ in photos, I was hooked!

I’ve had them applied for my wedding, for big events, holidays and shoots. It’s so nice not to have to worry about putting on a set of falsies for work or nights out and worrying about one of them hanging off and flapping around my eye. It’s happened!



But the best part of having these lashes on is that I can get up in morning, pop on my tinted SPF, a bit of concealer where needed, a slick of gloss and a touch of mascara on my lower lashes, then I’m ready to go! Having so much definition around your eyelid means you don’t need to bother with much else. Hurrah!

I also love them for beach holidays, as there’s no need to fuss around with waterproof mascaras… or panda eyes!

Each time it comes around to getting a new set put in, I always tell myself to wait a little bit longer to get used to seeing my own. But I end up feeling naked around my eyes and inevitably pick up the phone to make a new appointment!

I get a set of the 6D Russian lashes put on as my own lashes are long and strong enough to take them, but there are very subtle options available for those who just want a natural boost to their own lashes. Mine have never been damaged from having them in either, yet I used to find that wearing strip lashes would sometimes pull out my own. 

The lashes at Up To My Eyes range from €25 for corner lashes (good for newbies or a very natural boost!) to €165 for a full-on set of glam lashes.