Like many people, I find myself on a continuous journey of building self-awareness, figuring out who I am, what my purpose is and how I can really enrich the lives of my family and friends.

Having recently read Judith McAdam’s new book, The Source, I booked an appointment last week to speak to her in person at her Rathfarnham clinic to find out more. It was an empowering, eye-opening and fascinating two-hour session and I left with a renewed clarity about my life. She encouraged me to start meditating again daily, and it really does help to enhance mental focus. 

In her book, Judith blends her broad knowledge of alternative therapies, ancient spiritual traditions and world religions to reveal her principles for creating your own reality. She synthesises her knowledge to reveal the universal principles that unite us all, with the over-riding message that our greatest power lies within us.

As a mother, author, theologian, kinesiologist, life coach, course facilitator and inspirational speaker, Judith inspires people to tap into their unique creative intelligence and step into their true potential realising their personal and higher purpose in this life.

Judith incorporates theory and 21st century human experience, specialising on issues around health, relationships, finance and career amongst much more. 

She has developed seven principles, which she discusses further in The Source:

1.  Connecting to Source Energy: Acknowledging who you really are and embracing the fact that you are inextricably linked to infinite intelligence and have access to the field of pure potential.

2.  Alignment: Building a relationship with your inner child and tuning yourself into Source Energy and your desires.

3. Feeling and knowing: Using your intuition and creating positive loops in your life.

4. Decisions and expectations: Making f*ck it decisions and becoming consciously aware of the power of positive choices.

5. Momentum: Stepping through your fears and consciously creating positive momentum.

6. Receiving: Ask and it is given – receiving spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

7. Returning to Source Energy: Staying aligned, accessing your personal and higher purpose and the collective consciousness.


The Source by Judith McAdam is published by Gill Books and is available from Dubray, Easons and Amazon for €18.99/£17.99.