Although the global lockdowns might have wreaked havoc with your holiday plans this year, there’s no reason why you can’t still look great when you have to stay at home. One of the best things about the warmer months is getting a beautiful golden glow and sun-kissed, radiant skin. Working on your tan might be a favorite seasonal past time, but remember how important it is to protect your skin so that it remains healthy and looks truly gorgeous. Here are some useful tips on how to make your skin glow this summer. 

Use Sunscreen! 

As mentioned above, it’s important to keep your skin protected from the UV-rays from the hot sun. While sunbathing is safe to do, make sure you’re not spending too much time in the direct sunlight to give your skin a break, and always wear a quality sunscreen brand. There are different levels of SPF protection available: the higher, the better, particularly for fairer skin and children, who can be more susceptible to sunburn. 

Skincare Products

At any time of year, you should be using good skincare products that are suitable for your skin type. During the day, your skin is exposed to a lot of things, and you must wash daily and use a cleanser that is delicate enough not to damage it. Where you can, try to use natural and organic products, as they are likely to be kinder to your skin. You can find good examples of these products at the DermStore, and you can use this Derm Store promo code for great deals on their products. You might have to use a specialist dermatological product if you suffer from conditions such as eczema, acne, or psoriasis.  


In the hot summer months, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated so you don’t become ill or suffer heatstroke, but it can be fabulous for your skin, too. Drinking plenty of water has always been good for your skin and will certainly help to encourage a healthy glow. It also helps to promote a better night’s sleep, which will stop you from looking tired in the morning. Avoid drinking sugary drinks and excessive alcohol; the latter can inflame your skin and make you appear puffy, as well as having the potential to cause permanent damage to your skin cells.

Use Bronzer and Tinted Suntan Lotions

If you’re feeling particularly pale after the winter season, you might feel self-conscious about flashing your pale legs when it starts to get warmer. While you’re waiting to develop a natural tan, try using bronzers and tinted suntan lotions to give the allusion of already tanned skin. Just be careful you don’t use too much, otherwise, you’ll look orange rather than emit a goddess-like glow! 


Finally, another trick you should be using all year round is keeping your skin moisturised! You should be nurturing your skin with after-sun lotions or your standard daily moisturiser after any time spent in the sun. Remember to apply in the morning and at night for the best results. 

Make your skin glow with summertime radiance by following these tips!