Getting married and starting a family is a common dream for many people, but usually, they happen at separate times. You might want to be settled and married before you even think about children, or maybe you want a child before you walk down the aisle. You might never have planned to actually be pregnant during your dream wedding, but if it’s happened — whether planned or not — there are some things you can do to make it easier. 

  • Take Some Extra Care When Choosing Your Wedding Dress 

You should always feel confident and comfortable in your wedding gown, regardless of whether you’re pregnant, but it takes even more precedence if you’re far along in your pregnancy and have a bump. Comfort is everything when you’re pregnant, and especially for your busy wedding day when you’re going to be wearing your dress all day. 

Choosing a dress that allows comfortably for your growing bump is a good idea. You may want a loose and floaty material that will also help you to keep cool throughout the day, rather than something too fitted.

Because your bump is only going to continue to grow before the big day, having a dress that can allow extra room is a plus. 

  • Take a Change of Shoes 

A lot of brides do this anyway for a full-day event when wedding heels may become too much, especially during the evening celebrations. If you’re pregnant, then the need for flat and comfortable shoes may be even more important, and especially if pregnancy means your feet are swelling, becoming hot, and feeling uncomfortable. So make sure you have a backup pair you feel comfortable in. 

  • Think Carefully About Your Honeymoon, Too

A dream honeymoon is part and parcel of a dream wedding, which means it also requires extra thought when it comes to pregnancy. You may be too far along and exhausted to want an action-packed city break (even if you always dreamed of one), or maybe you need to be careful of your honeymoon duration because your due date is near. 

If an unexpected pregnancy is disrupting your dream wedding and honeymoon plans — or maybe you’ve even rethought and want to enjoy married life and travel a little before settling down with children — then an abortion clinic Sydney is always an option, too. 

  • Create a Slower Itinerary 

Wedding days can be busy and stressful, especially when you’re thinking about your itinerary for the ceremony and the celebration event afterward. Create an itinerary that allows you to go at your own pace and also allows time for rest if you need it during the day. With this also comes being honest about your own needs. You don’t need to feel pressured to stay partying until midnight if you’re ready for bed at 10.00 p.m. because of your pregnancy. Loved ones will understand if you need to excuse yourself early. 

Final Thought

Your wedding is your own special day, which means you don’t have to feel guilty or stressed about any extra allowances or changes you need to make to be comfortable while pregnant.