As this guest post explains, the uninitiated viewpoint is to assume that makeup solely exists because it helps us cover up our flaws. We might see someone caked in heavy foundation and think they have skin blemishes to hide. But anyone with even a minor interest in makeup will often know this is not the case, although this can be a minor consideration. Makeup is not some tool to help you pretend to be someone else, to hide your aesthetic or personality flaws. It is a celebration of who you are, of the day itself, and is a truly creative effort.

For that reason, we might think of expert makeup artists as more akin to just that, artists, rather than those who simply paint faces. It takes skill, an understanding of less is more, each creative work applied to a canvas wholly unique from another. However, not everyone has the confidence with makeup that they would like to. Some might have reached their middle age years and still feel somewhat like an impostor when applying mascara or considering walking into the cosmetics store.

You needn’t feel this. In the following advice, we hope to help you restore your confidence with makeup, as you can often gain great confidence benefits from doing so.


Just Like Anything, Start Slowly


There’s a lot of wonder to be found in the makeup scene. From those who promote certain goods, to inventive means of using makeup, to brands that are becoming more inclusive. For example, in the last five years there has been a much-too-late resurgence of catering foundations and certain matching tones of makeup to those with darker skin than most. It’s a shame it took trailblazers such as Rihanna to make this a default part of their collection, when everyone else was late to the party. But overall, this does show that the makeup industry is moving in the right direction. Perhaps more importantly, makeup is more cruelty-free than ever, refusing to test on animals or living beings. On top of that, makeup is becoming more and more sustainable from an environmental perspective.


While this is all quite optimistic, it might not be the full tipping point you need to feel confident about makeup application. First, we would recommend you see just how beautiful you can look with makeup. You look beautiful without it, and so finding a tasteful way to apply this could help you look angelic. Heading to a professional makeup artist and having them care for your style before an event you attend could be a great morning out with your friends. You may ask for tips. For example, you might learn how contour makeup is the latest trend in beauty. Sometimes, you might simply apply certain elements to yourself once more, remembering how you used to play with makeup as a child and experimenting with certain shades and tones. This could also be an excuse to pamper yourself, such as attending a spa, purchasing a fragrance you love the test sample of, or simply practicing better skincare. Dipping your toe in the pool will always be the best way to begin any venture such as this, particularly from a lifestyle perspective.


Follow Beauty Influencers


There are many beauty influencers you can connect with at the touch of a button. The makeup industry is going through seismic shifts due to influencer culture, and perhaps it’s even one of the most affected. An influencer product review could make or break a product line, and sometimes, the influencers even bring out their own makeup palettes. Not only that, but the standard definitions of just ‘who’ makeup is for has been completely smashed in recent years.


For example, male yet proudly androgynous public figures such as Jeffrey Star, unapologetically feminine young men such as James Charles, drag queens, and people from all kinds of races and identities are becoming known as influencers, which can only be a fantastic thing, as it gives everyone a voice. But more than a voice, it lets incredible talent show. The two examples we have given you here are people who have an uncanny ability to create different versatile looks, to discuss products at length, and both have well-liked and reviewed makeup outlets. Sometimes, getting into this culture, or at least being entertained by it from afar can influence you to try makeup outside of your usual bounds.


Some artists, such as Abby Roberts Artistry from the UK, represent the new wave of makeup artists. In particular, she is known for going out of the way to create incredible pieces of art on her face, not simple ‘makeup designs.’ Some of them include a ‘melted face,’ a Venician carnival-inspired event look, and even full cosplay such as from Avatar. Beauty influencers have plenty to give. Who knows? Perhaps one day you could contribute something of your own.


Don’t Sweat It


Makeup can be one of the easiest things in the world to overthink. Should you go for this shade or that shade? What does the event require from you? Should I really use this expensive product today, as it’s raining outside? Is this harming my skin? How long will this take? Should I opt for another product from this line, as it might match with the look I’m going for more completely? All of these questions can swirl around in your head.


But remember. Makeup is not there to impress others or to make you feel better than other people. It’s simply to help you express yourself, to feel confident and comfortable in your skin, and most of all – to have fun with! After all, you could quite happily survive your entire life without even touching a drop of makeup. It should not feel like an obligation, but something with a value added consideration to apply to your life.

So, don’t sweat the small decisions. Follow what feels good. Try something new today, even though you might hate it in a week. When you do this, you develop a better sense of your makeup interest, and what it means to you. That, more than anything, is the most important thing.

With this advice, we hope you can better overcome your fear of exploring makeup options.