As this guest post explains, we all know that technology can be a powerful asset regardless of what type of lifestyle you live, but thanks to modern advances and tracking tools, technology has been fueling fitness lifestyles for many years now and shows no sign of stopping.

In fact, all it takes is a single smartphone and a couple of changes in your lifestyle to truly take advantage of the fitness advantages. So to give you some advice and introduce you to this technology-powered world of fitness, we’re going to explain how a smartphone can help you get active and stay fit.


Monitor your activity with the right smartphone apps


Whether it’s something simple like a step counter or a fitness tracker to get an eye on your weight and BMI, there are plenty of simple and free apps that can help you monitor how your fitness levels are doing. Whether it’s cycling, running or even high-intensity interval training, fitness trackers can help you keep track of how you’re doing and find ways to improve, push your limits and also realize when you should be taking a break.


Keeping you entertained while you work out


An obvious but less-discussed advantage of a smartphone is how it can keep you entertained while you work out. For example, if you’re out running then a smartphone can help you monitor your activity but also play audiobooks and music to you so that your run isn’t as boring or dull. Similarly, you can set your smartphone on a treadmill and play a video on YouTube or something similar so that you can stay entertained.


Importing and accessing your data


Another great advantage of smartphones is being able to import your data onto different services and platforms to help you gain a bigger understanding of your fitness levels or even to present the data to a doctor or fitness trainer. If you share the same Apple account login between your iPhone and MacBook, then all it takes is a few steps to import the data so that it can be viewed in your MacBook on a spreadsheet or something similar. These options will vary from app to app, but it’s undoubtedly an excellent way to help you learn more about your activity levels.


Keeping track of your nutrition


Nutrition is the other half of a healthy lifestyle and with apps that track your calorie intake and the foods you eat, it’s simple to understand how and where you should be cutting calories. These apps usually come with suggestions for things like food as well so that you can get all of the nutrients you need while also reducing the calorie count of your meals.


As you can see, smartphones are a fantastic asset that can help us stay organised and healthy. They’re a relatively small investment for what they can give in return and you don’t need an expensive smartphone. In fact, you can just use your existing one and install all the different apps and sign up to services to help you stay motivated to get fit.