Following the fashions in athleticwear can make keeping fit more pleasurable and ensure that you can feel confident when you choose to exercise in public or visit the gym. If you want to ditch the Lycra and look good while getting sweaty this summer, here is a comprehensive guide of the upcoming styles in sportswear for summer 2020. 


  • Invest in Wearable Tech

The latest revolutions in wearable technology have made gadgets more portable than ever, leading to an incredible trend for Fitbits and other smartwatches among fitness fanatics. Whether you want to start with tracking your steps or have dedicated fitness goals that you want to work towards, wearable tech is the best option for those that want to follow the fashions while actively making an effort to stay healthy. Not only can you start improving your health with a smart watch, but they will also help you to look fashionable when you are out and about. 

  • Follow Athleisure Trends

In the last year, there has been a massive movement towards the athleisure trend, which is helping to make staying fit fashionable. Where once you may have been embarrassed to set out on the streets in your neon Lycra, now everyone is starting to follow the trend and wear sportswear to conduct normal daily activities. To channel the trend and get the right balance between athletic and casual wear, you should consider wearing striped tops, sports trainers, cropped tops, and tennis skirts with jeans, hoodies, and denim jackets. 

  • Choose Colorful Clothing

Now that sportswear is beginning to become more coveted, with more people than ever focused on getting fit, this has led to many brands and small boutiques promoting colorful and bright alternatives to traditionally dark and unfashionable sports clothing. For instance, whether you are looking for flamingos or spots, it is now relatively easy to invest in patterned leggings, which can be paired with plain crop tops and hoodies for a sporty and yet fashionable look. 

  • Layering Up

Layering is fashionable every winter, as well as in areas with cold climates, and you should consider bringing the trend into the summer months. Layering your leisurewear is an excellent option if you want to transition smoothly between the gym and your next dinner date, with many people pairing their shorts and trainers with hoodies, jackets, and hats for the ultimate layered effect. This can also be helpful when you are exercising as you will be able to adjust your body temperature throughout your regime more easily.

  • Look at Premium Brands

Lastly, many of the top fashion brands in the world are related to sportswear and have instantly recognizable logos, which can allow you to determine the quality of the item that you are buying. Brands such as Nike and Puma can help you to look instantly trendier when you are fulfilling your exercise regime, and it gives you the top products that you need to meet your fitness goals and exercise safely.