Do you ever use apple cider vinegar? 


Raw apple cider vinegar has been loved for a long time for its multitude of beauty and health uses, and is even used as an acne cure. The Romans used vinegar mixed with various plants and essential oils like lavender, rose and elderflower for cosmetic purposes.

Its effectiveness lies in its ability to promote blood circulation in the tiny capillaries that deliver nutrients into your skin, plus it prevents growth of the bacteria, yeasts and viruses that can cause infections.

Applied topically, it can reduce dryness and regulate your skin’s pH. But I much prefer to reap its many benefits by adding it to salad dressings, soups and even drinking it in a cup of warm water when I’m feeling brave! Some even make a sweetened drink with a teaspoon of honey, apple cider vinegar and ice…



Raw apple cider vinegar is a powerful digestion booster, helping to reverse constipation and encourage stomach acid production. Many people even swear by its ability to control appetite and hunger pangs.

Its anti fungal, antiviral and antibacterial powers help to banish nasty candida overgrowths and rebalance your intestinal flora, which helps to reduce cravings for sugar too.

If you have never tried apple cider vinegar, I recommend splashing a small amount on salads to begin with, and then building up to drink a tablespoon in warm water. My favourite brand is Braggs (€6.55), as it is raw, unpasteurised and organic. It also contains the ‘Mother of vinegar’, which occurs naturally as strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules and has been highly regarded by health experts for centuries.