The stresses and strains of modern day life can be a lot for anybody to bear. If you then add to that a personal set back or troubling period then, understandably, you can see why wellness has become the word on everybody’s lips this year. So what are the top trends for self-care, and how can you make sure you are giving yourself the time for it? Read on for some pointers on how to get the best out of this year and put you first, with some of the latest trends and developments for keeping well in 2019.

Homemade almond milk

Diets are changing

Dietary advice can be confusing, so it is understandable that many struggle to keep on track. Veganism and dairy-free options are becoming more and more popular, with restaurants now expected to provide vegan options for diners. As current research suggest that dairy intake should be limited, alternatives such as oat milk and almond milk offer low-calorie, calcium-fortified, more environmentally conscious options for those who still need their coffee fix. 

Tech is taking center stage…

Tech advancements might seem to be the enemy for many people who are looking for a balanced mental outlook; however, some tech is out there to aid us on our road to a better self. Fitness tech such as the Fitbit, running apps, wireless headphones, and smart bottles are leading the way to help us get back to our best selves. These can be synced to our phones to track our heart rate, count our steps, and make us more conscious of what we are eating and the nutritional values it provides. 

…But people are also switching off 

Wellness retreats and ‘time out’ from social media and the internet is proving a popular way for people to get back on track and cope with modern day stresses in what is becoming an increasingly online world. As some fear we have gone too far the other way, the wellness business is booming as people seek an opportunity to switch off and have some time out from the pressures technology brings. This can be in both their work and personal life. Such enterprises have seen the US wellness tourism trade grow to a market of approximately $639 billion

Developments in care options 

Other care options to help those struggling have more and more options than ever before. This includes a wider choice of wellness facilities, and for those struggling with addiction, a rehab facility, such as the ones reviewed independently by Luxury Rehab, offer residents the best in treatment and care. Residents can expect privacy, luxury accommodation and locations, effective programs and mental health experts. No longer are these facilities purely based on getting patients in and out, as experiences with the patient in mind become more and more researched and considered. 

Alternative Remedies

Alternative remedies are also becoming increasingly popular. In particular, CBD oil and wellness IVs have seen a surge in popularity as people are discovering the benefits and sharing their experiences. It can be said that social media has played a large part in the rise in alternative methods of recovery, along with research.