To make sure that our body stays healthy, it must be nourished with enough nutrients, our ears included. Whenever we eat food, we rarely think about what effects it would have on our ears. Truth be told, these auditory organs need to have the proper nutrition to stay at their optimal performance. The following food items are the best sources of vitamins and minerals for your ears: 


When you eat bananas, you are also ensuring that your inner ears have the necessary potassium to transform sound into nerve impulses as it directly reaches the brain. For young people, this may not be an issue. However, as they get older, the level of potassium drops considerably. This is the reason why many older adults are experiencing hearing loss as they age. Bananas are quite versatile. You can consume them raw, you can add to them your morning cereal, or you can even blend them into a smoothie. 


The ears can also benefit when you include broccoli in your diet. It’s packed with tons of nutrients such as vitamin K and fiber. Broccoli is also great in combating early aging, primarily in targeting sensitive ear tissues. For a healthier option, consume it raw or steamed. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has high levels of magnesium, making it a perfect snack item to improve hearing health. The magnesium helps enhance blood circulation in the ear by expanding the blood vessels. There are even studies that suggest dark chocolate has protective effects against noise-induced hearing loss. Despite these benefits, try not to binge eat dark chocolate, and only consume it in moderation. 


Not only is fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart, but they also contain high levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is great for strengthening the small bones in the ears, which can prevent otosclerosis or osteopenia. These conditions can result in irreversible hearing impairment, which may warrant the use of hearing aids. Keep the level of vitamin D in your system up by eating unprocessed fish a week. 


Consumption of garlic is also healthy for the ears. Like dark chocolate, garlic can also increase blood circulation to the ear. Plus, it can also reduce inflammation, primarily on the ears. Adding a few cloves to any meals can have significant effects. Regular intake of garlic is proven to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

Peas and Beans

You can boost your hearing health by consuming peas and beans since these contain zinc, which can help prevent tinnitus. Include a good portion of dried beans and split peas into your meals so you can get high levels of zinc your body requires to keep your ears healthy. There are tons of recipes that you can try, such as incorporating them into a salad or soup or even making mashed beans if you prefer. Just make sure that you are not cooking it to much to the point that it will lose the nutrients that you hope to get from them. 

Take note that maintaining ear health consists of more than just your diet. You also have to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to environmental conditions that can worsen hearing issues. However, having a healthy diet can do so much to help prevent its early onset or even reduce symptoms. Should your hearing deteriorate, you may find comfort that not only are today’s hearing aids small, but they are also proven to help people communicate well. If you feel like your hearing health is at risk, consult your audiologist to learn more about what you can do about testing and treatment options.