Due to the various health benefits of coconut flesh, milk and water and their nutrients essential to human health, the coconut palm has been dubbed ‘the all giving tree’ in Indian culture. All of its parts are used in various ways to support the health of people native to coconut growing regions, mainly in tropical countries. 


You may have heard a bit about the benefits of using coconut oil as a hair mask, lip balm, body scrub and moisturiser, but eating coconut is also incredibly nourishing for your skin. In fact, all forms of coconut, from the meat to the milk and the water, have youth-promoting properties for your complexion. 


Coconut water is widely available now and while it isn’t quite the same as the very fresh version, it still contains a range of electrolytes similar to your blood, making it excellent for re-hydrating you in warmer weather or if you’re active, and helping to maintain hydrated skin. Good hydration is so important for preventing wrinkles and dry skin, plus it helps to reduce dark under eye circles and other signs of ageing. 


To look its very best, skin must be properly hydrated, yet various environmental factors plus caffeine, alcohol and smoking can really cause it to dry out if the fluids aren’t being properly replaced. The powerful elements in coconut water include potassium to encourage healthy blood pressure, plus iron, lauric acid, magnesium and calcium. It also supports your immune system and acts add an antioxidant.

It is much more beneficial it is to cook with coconut oil than other popular oils like olive and sunflower oil, as they tend to be more unstable at high temperatures. However, coconut oil remains stable at high temperatures and its powerful antibacterial and anti fungal properties also mean that it can protect your skin from breakouts and infections, plus it supports adrenal health and helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. 


While its best to use all oils in moderate quantities, the saturated fats in coconut oil have been found in recent studies to actually improve your health and leave cholesterol levels unaffected. It’s used by the body for energy, helps to nourish your thyroid gland and naturally balance your hormones.

These Fig and Coconut Cream Slices make a healthier summer dessert option, as they’re naturally sweetened and made with only natural whole foods 🙂