Who doesn’t want a bright white smile?! People often notice eyes and teeth first, with our gnashers being a part of us that people can sometimes feel less than confident about, and especially if you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker. I’m regularly asked about how to keep teeth looking good, and while I was lucky to escape having to wear braces as a teen, I do use a few little tricks to keep my smile at its best 😉

As you can probably guess from the rest of this site, I’m all for treating things naturally. And for most ailments, a carefully designed food, lifestyle and supplement plan can generally help to greatly improve and clear up symptoms. But teeth are a bit different, and it pays to have a little professional help….

Having heard some great reports about the Megawhite Express Teeth Whitening treatment, a few months ago I booked myself in to try it out at Lisa Wallace Absolute Beauty Salon in Dublin 2. It appealed to me because it’s a non-peroxide treatment that doesn’t affect enamel and is totally painless. Hurrah!




Welcomed at the door by the lovely Lisa, I was brought to the treatment chair and made myself comfortable. Lisa then explained all about how safe the treatment is, and how many shades whiter I could expect my teeth to go, plus she gave me some advice on aftercare. 

Then I put the ‘gum shield’ in my mouth and settled back for the 20 minute treatment. I think I even nodded off for a few minutes!

When the machine beeped to indicate the end of the allotted time for my own teeth (the time can vary depending on how stained your teeth are), Lisa popped a mirror up to my face to show me the results, which I was delighted with and couldn’t believe had been achieved in such a short space of time. My teeth were at least 3 shades lighter, but results vary depending on your teeth.

Despite my love of giant mugs of tea, my teeth have stayed pearly white. Though it’s perfectly safe to go for a top-up a few times a year, especially before a big occasion. 

And the price? Lisa is running a very reasonable introductory offer of €99. Well worth the price for long-lasting results and I know I’ll definitely be back… once I have a decent excuse to treat myself again!