Plant-based diets are popular for many reasons. Top of the list for most people who switch to a plant-based diet is the animal welfare benefits, and for others, it is the reported health benefits.

With so many positives, it might be hard to see why some people who have expressed an interest in a plant-based lifestyle are still undecided. There are still those that believe that those who are moving to a plant-based diet are in some way missing out on things like B12 and protein. 

However, with the extensive range of fortified products and supplements available, this belief is likely to become a thing of the past. Another belief is that plant-based eating is more expensive than the alternatives, and while that in some cases may be correct – it doesn’t always have to be.

Why do people think plant-based eating is more expensive?

When you see a plant-based recipe in an online article or a YouTube video, it is usually accompanied by an expertly shot image of plant based foods and bright-colored vegetables. A quick scan of the ingredient list is full of some things you’ve never heard of, and it all looks quite expensive.

The same thing goes for all of those substitutes for the things that may have been part of your life for so long, such as the burgers or the replacements for things like chicken and beef in your everyday meals. On a straight like-for-like comparison, they can cost nearly twice as much, and if you are on a budget, that can be a deal-breaker.

However, some other things you need to take into account might seem a little odd now but will become clear once you make the switch to a plant-based way of life. It’s not just the cost of your groceries but also the health benefits that can make you more productive at work or in your business. Additionally, fewer visits to the doctor may save you money on medication and expand your potential health insurance options in Florida, or the state in which you currently live. 

You’ll be changing not just what you eat but how you eat

You will soon find that as you get more into the plant-based way of eating, you’ll start bulk cooking batches of soups, stews, and other meals, so over time, it will get cheaper than eating the way you used to. This saving is not visible immediately because you might have to change many of your store cupboard staples.

If you had to buy half of the things in your cupboard for your current diet all in one go, your grocery bill would be pretty substantial too. This is part of the reason why some of the plant-based recipes may have seemed expensive – not because the actual ingredients themselves are more expensive, but because you don’t have most of them already sat in your cupboards or refrigerator at home.

You’ll find yourself getting fewer take-outs and food ‘on the go.’

The other factors you need to consider are the things you will no longer be buying. These will be animal-based products, obviously, but also the take-outs and snacks from food stands while you are out. It’s not that there aren’t excellent plant-based places to eat; it’s just that when you start cooking your own plant-based meals at home, you might not get as many cravings to snack.