A bright yellow spice that helps to make your complexion glow, turmeric is a true superfood for skin, thanks to its powerful antioxidant flavonoid, curcumin. Though used for centuries in the East, plenty of research has been done by the Western world into curcumin, discovering that it’s a powerful spice with numerous benefits. 


Turmeric’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to boost your blood circulation, deliver more nutrients to your skin, help cleanse your blood and heal damaged cells and tissues. Healthy blood brimming with nutrients, means less likelihood of developing acne or other skin complaints. 

I love turmeric in curries, stews, soups, sauces and salads, and it also makes an effective facial treatment when applied onto your skin to help reduce acne, scarring, blemishes and even out blotchy skin tone. 


But turmeric is also an incredible spice for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, in relation to health and disease. This has gained quite a lot of attention in science and the media over the past few years.


Inflammation is a necessary part of health. It’s how your body reacts to stress, injury and infection. The damaged cells and tissues swell up, turn red, go warm and tender, and are usually painful. 

People may feel pain, stiffness, discomfort, distress and even agony, depending on the severity of it and the part of the body it’s in.

Inflammation is really your body’s way of protecting itself from harmful compounds, including irritants, bacteria and other pathogens, and it kickstarts the healing process. Inflammation is therefore a sign that the body is trying to heal itself and is a key part of its immune system response.

But inflammation can also do damage to the body when there’s too much of it, sometimes as a result of various diet and lifestyle choices. The typical Western diet can be high in processed foods, fried food, refined sugar, salt and unhealthy fats, all of which may lead to chronic inflammation. 


Short-term inflammation is essential in many cases, but long-term inflammation, pain and discomfort must be well regulated through food and lifestyle choices. Certain foods are much better than others at reducing inflammation, and turmeric is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices available. It can be helpful for post-workout aching muscles and acts as an antioxidant, helping to reduce high cholesterol, thin out blood and boost liver and digestive health.


This recipe for Split Yellow Pea Sunshine Dahl is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy all the benefits of turmeric 🙂