Welcome to this week’s Fitness Friday post!

Today, I’m looking at the walking plank… the perfect exercise for a killer core and tight abs in time for summer!

I did this in BodyByrne gym earlier today with my trainer Amanda, and it may not be easy, but it’s extremely effective. Like most exercises, it can also be adapted to suit everyone from total beginners to advanced gym bunnies. 

This is the perfect exercise to do at home as it doesn’t require any equipment – all you need is a bit of space. Though if you’re on a carpet or hard floor, then a mat will help to protect your elbows and knees. 

It works your core and arms simultaneously, which will help to improve your overall fitness levels, plus exercises that incorporate a number of muscles and muscle groups help to save time if you don’t have long to workout. 

The walking plank works a large number of key muscles, including your deltoids, biceps, triceps and obliques.

How to do the walking plank:

1. Get into the classic plank position, with shoulders in line with your wrists and bum tucked in.

Squeeze your belly button to your spine to protect your lower back and engage your core.


2. Keeping your core muscles tight, lower yourself down onto your right forearm… 


 3. Do the same with your left arm so that you’re fully lowered down, then push up again with your right arm, followed by your left arm until you’re back in the start position.

Repeat this ten times leading with your right arm, then ten times leading with your left arm.


4. When you have completed the 20 reps, hold yourself in the classic plank position for 30 seconds to really work your abs. 

For more advanced gym-goers, aim to do this for 60 seconds. Keep your core muscles engaged at all times and don’t allow your back to sag. To really challenge yourself, aim to complete three rounds without a break 😉

If you’re feeling strong, try popping your feet up on a treadmill or bench if you’re in a gym, or else a low sofa or a couple of steps if you’re at home. It just makes it that bit more difficult!



Amanda advises doing 3-4 rounds of this, about 2-3 times a week for a strong upper body and core.