Like many people, you may be planning to focus on making healthier lifestyle choices now that January 2017 has rolled around? If so, these are my top5 food and fitness tips for a healthy, happy you in 2017!

Start on January 11. It’s important to focus on making small changes that will fit in with your lifestyle and be sustainable. A complete lifestyle overhaul isn’t always practical for everyone and life inevitably gets in the way, so taking it in baby steps and always moving in the right direction is the best way to make sustainable healthy changes. Most importantly, do what works for you. 


2. Building awareness around food and fitness, and practising mindful eating, are key to avoiding overindulging, and it tends to be individual to all of us. It could be avoiding alcohol on weekdays, going to the gym or a fitness class 2 or 3 times a week, taking less sugar in your tea or coffee or reaching for a piece of fruit instead of a chocolate bar.


3. For a lot of people, having a fitness, health or weight goal in mind is the best motivation. Perhaps you have a wedding or holiday coming up, or you want to feel confident in your summer wardrobe. Pick a goal and visualise it everyday to help keep on track.


4. Accountability is a powerful motivator. Keeping a food diary or entering what you’re eating on one of the many food and fitness apps, can make a big difference as there’s less room for cheating on your healthy eating plan. Or organise a workout buddy to go for brisk walks or gym classes with you. You’re more likely to stick to a fitness plan if you’re helping to motivate each other. 

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5. If you are carrying out dry January, you’re likely giving your liver and wallet a good break. But try not to view the arrival of February as your chance to hit the town with vigour and undo all of your good work. Mindful drinking makes a huge difference to your body and brain, so try to get into the habit of sipping drinks slowly, lining your stomach properly before a night out with a balanced meal or snack, and drink plenty of glasses of water during the evening, and especially before you go to bed.