Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years, and it is an ancient form of exercise that hails from Northern India. Yoga is a mind and body practice that is said to improve mental, emotional, and physical health, and nowadays, it is more accessible than ever. There are yoga studios all over the country that offer guided practice; many local gyms offer yoga as part of their regular class schedule, and you can even access free material online so that you can practice at home. So, what makes yoga so popular? Here are a few advantages of practicing yoga regularly.

Great For Your Joints

Yoga is a low-impact exercise, which means that it can get you in shape without putting too much stress on your joints. Many people understand the benefits of an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight, and yoga can help you achieve both. It is an accessible exercise that is great for all ages and abilities. Yoga can be as simple or as strenuous as you like. Some forms of yoga incorporate cardio and strength training; however, most yoga postures require a full range of joint movement. In turn, you can build strength, maintain a healthy weight, and improve joint health in one yoga session. Those who suffer from stiff joints may benefit from extra-thick yoga mats. These mats provide extra cushioning that will help you feel more comfortable when performing certain types of poses. 

Makes You More Flexible

People who want to improve their flexibility, balance, and overall mobility will benefit from yoga practice. As mentioned earlier, there are many forms of yoga and each type features different levels of intensity. However, even the lowest intensity of yoga can help improve flexibility. No matter the age, all people can benefit from being supple and flexible. Unfortunately, the aging process can reduce flexibility in older adults. This makes yoga practice even more beneficial for adults who are aged 65 years and over.

Excellent For Managing Stress

Whether it’s working in a job you don’t particularly enjoy, trying to balance work and personal commitments, or everyday life getting you down, stress can affect everyone. In fact, studies from the American Psychological Association suggest that 84 percent of US adults are experiencing prolonged stress. Developing effective stress management techniques to maintain a healthy equilibrium is essential for your mental well-being, and yoga has been proven to help relieve stress effectively. Yoga incorporates controlled breath work, mindfulness, and meditation, which are all great for reducing tension and stress.

Positive Mental Health

One major reason why people choose to practice yoga is to reap the mental health benefits. Besides decreasing stress levels, mindful yoga practice can ward off symptoms of depression and give you a positive sense of well-being.

Yoga Improves Overall Quality of Life

Yoga can help you become more mindful, and it can also help increase your bodily awareness and your environment. With regular practice, you will feel more in tune with your entire being and with the world around you. In turn, yoga can help you develop a positive way of thinking and improve your overall quality of life.