Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is a disorder that affects many seniors and it can become discouraging at times. Not being able to eat the foods they love can be tough on their morale, but if you’re caring for someone dealing with the condition, there are many things that you can do to still make their diet fun and tasty. It’s all about being original and knowing that there are still plenty of delicious foods that they can eat. Let’s take a look at how you can build an interesting diet for someone suffering from dysphagia. 

Go Heavy on Desserts

Whether the person has a sweet tooth or not, you could try diversifying their choice of desserts. Desserts usually have a softer consistency and you can have a lot of fun with them. Try not to be too generic. Instead of puddings, make mousses instead. Things like cheesecakes are also a great option for people suffering from the condition. Not only will they maintain the same great taste after being pureed, but they will add much-needed calories to their diet.  If they can’t eat more solid foods or have to eat everything in pureed form, a real dessert will give them a sense of normalcy and cap a meal perfectly.

Always Have Thickener with You

If you’re traveling with them often, you should always have some thickener with you. Companies like  Simply Thick sell convenient thickening packets that you can carry and add to their favorite drinks and foods. They can be added to things like coffee for instance. They can be used to make recipes as well. Milkshakes and smoothies are often not recommended for people with dysphagia, but thickeners will allow you to make delicious versions that will be very close in terms of taste and consistency.

Make Your Purees Delicious

Pureed foods don’t have to be boring. If you want to add variety to their diet, we suggest that you broaden your culinary culture. If you look at ethnic foods, you’ll find tons of great pureed foods that won’t taste and feel like bland mush.

Guacamole, for instance, is a perfect food for someone with dysphagia. If they happen to love avocado, they will never grow tired of it, so try to incorporate it into their weekly menu. Another great dish you could try is baba ganoush. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a delicious and very easy-to-make eggplant puree that you can serve as a meal or an entree.

Middle Eastern foods in particular are full of delicious puree recipes, so consider exploring them. If you don’t feel like cooking, hummus is another delicious food that you could add to their diet. It’s highly nutritive too, which is important for people with dysphagia as they often deal with nutrient and calorie deficiencies.

While they will have to make some sacrifices, people with dysphagia should still be able to enjoy the foods they’re eating. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to bring a little joy back into their lives.