It’s absolutely normal to see older people with greying hair, and our society accepts it as a standard part of ageing for many. Some people can rock the silver fox look incredibly well! But did you know that grey hair can also be a sign that our digestive system is not properly absorbing all the minerals and amino acids it needs? A deficiency of B vitamins, essential fatty acids eaten in their natural raw form, and micro minerals like silicon and sulphur, can lead to grey hair.

To encourage our hair to maintain its full colour and healthy texture, a diet sufficient in sulphur, silicon and pigment-producing copper is important. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our hair pigment is associated with the quality of our blood and kidney function, and greying hair indicates a weakness in both.



 Green veggies are so important for protecting our health and preventing greying hair, because of their high levels of the green pigment chlorophyll. Once eaten and absorbed, it strengthens and cleanses our blood, transporting oxygen to our cells, tissues and organs to rejuvenate and restore them. In his book, Health Magic Through Chlorophyll From Living Plant Life, Dr. Bernard Jenson describes how chlorophyll-rich green juices and smoothies have been proven to increase red blood cell count rapidly, thus nourishing and oxygenating our blood and cells, and helping to restore pigment to greying hair. 

To avoid a dry scalp and dandruff forming, we need plenty of heart-healthy essential fats in our diet from nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut. But good hydration is also really important for a nourished scalp and good hair growth. Water not only cleanses our blood and colon, but it also quenches our hair as it grows from the follicle. A dehydrated system will show up in our hair as the rest of our body will use any available water first, and dry hair will break much more easily.




The plant-based recipes on this site, focus on healing our digestive system, removing the clogging, mucus-forming foods and drinks, and filling our body full of raw bioavailable enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fluids. Flooding the body with beauty nutrients has helped many people to maintain their natural colour and even reverse their grey to enjoy a return to their original colour. Some of my favourite recipes for helping to maintain vibrant hair colour, include the Broccoli Vibrancy Bowl with Hazelnut Crumble and Basil-Tahini Drizzle. 🙂 


Broccoli Vibrancy Bowl