Would you like a perkier backside?!

My bum certainly needs plenty of work to keep it looking in any way pert… and this is a favourite exercise to give it a lift!

I love doing the single glute bridge, because it doesn’t require any special equipment and can be done at home. Either leave you feet on the ground or raise them up on a chair or bench, as I have done here.

It’s an effective way to isolate and strengthen the bum muscles and hamstrings at the back of your upper leg, plus it can be a powerful exercise to help strengthen your core. You’ll need to contract both your abdominal and lower back muscles to be able to hold the pelvis level throughout the exercise, 


How to Do the Single Glute Raised Bridge:

 1. Lay on your back with your hands by your sides, your knees bent and feet flat on the floor or raised on a chair or bench.

2. Engage your core and abdominal muscles by pulling your tummy button in towards your spine. 

3. Raise your hips up to create a line from your knees to shoulders and slowly raise and extend one leg while keeping your pelvis raised up and level. If your hips sag or your bottom drops, place the leg back on the floor and do a double leg bridge until you become stronger as it’s so important to protect your back from injury.

4. The aim is to hold a straight line from your shoulders to your extended leg for 20 seconds to a minute, depending on your fitness. You may need to begin by holding this bridge position for a few seconds and switching sides, and then building up the time you can hold it. It’s better to hold the correct position for a shorter time than to go longer in the incorrect position, and always listen to your own body.

Aim to do this exercise 3-4 times a week to really strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and core 🙂