How many of us make pledges in the new year to lose weight or look and feel better? Probably a good proportion of us. But yet, January is filled with motivation and then the rest of the year many of us just fall off plan. However, as we approach the new year and January, it is a great time of year to kick start your mission for a healthier, fitter body, and to make plans to stick with your goals. Sure we want to lose weight, or just tone up. But it’s so much more than that. It’s about looking good on the outside and feeling just as good on the inside


Stop with the diets


So you want to lose weight? Then let me explain that a diet just simply won’t cut it on a long term basis. Sure you can try a juicing detox or cut out the carbohydrates to temporarily drop some water retention. But you need to figure out how you can sustain it. Instead, look at your diet and try to make a longer lasting change, instead of something for the short term. Nourish your body with what it needs. The vitamins and nutrients to function each day. You will find that maybe the level of weight loss is slower, but it stays off for good. You could also look at long term plans to help you to get where you need to be. A diet is one thing, but it may be time to help yourself with the tougher areas of your body. Things like LipoTherapeia could be great to consider and enable you to start seeing long term results. There are other options you could consider so maybe a little research in January could help kick start your mission. 


Exercise more regularly


It’s difficult to start feeling healthier, fitter and leaner without exercise. But I appreciate that not everyone wants to be attending a gym to workout every day. This is when considering alternative classes or training is a good solution, and there are plenty of online options to try out at home too. You might want to try a high intensity workout or as it is commonly known as HIIT. This is a short burst of exercise and rest periods. It takes less time to do but has a greater impact because of the level of exercise you are undertaking. Always speak to your doctor or health provider before starting a new fitness regime, and start off gently if you’re a beginner to avoid injury.


Increase your intake of water


Water is nature’s remedy to a better body. It can help with weight loss and your skin tone. It can even improve your mood and sleep quality. What is not to love? The recommended daily intake is around two litres per day, and more in warm weather or during and after exercise. . Drink that and see what difference it can make. Water is a great way to support your body’s normal detox and helps you to feel fuller for longer to avoid that unnecessary snacking. 


Ignore the scales


Scales can make you disheartened on your journey. Especially if you don’t see the results right away. Instead try and take images of your body and see how things change that way. It is a much more positive way of motivating you and you can physically see the change, instead of relying on the numbers presented on the scales.