Some handy tips to keep in mind for your next supermarket trip! πŸ˜‰


Chia Seeds β€“ The ancient food of the Aztec warriors who ate them for strength and endurance, Chia seeds are an important element of my own diet, and the seed I consume most regularly. They are also easily available in Irish shops and supermarkets, due to their ever growing popularity amongst Irish consumers.

Chia seeds are a natural and healthy way to manage weight, as when they are soaked in liquid they swell to ten to fifteen times their original size and help to keep you feeling full for hours. They’re packed full of fibre, which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and maintains a healthy gut. Chia seeds are also a wonderful source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and boron.

As a complete protein, they make the perfect post-workout recovery food. I love to soak them in unsweetened almond milk for ten minutes to make chia pudding and then add cinnamon and fresh blueberries, or use them to make one of my fave smoothies – the triple berry chia-coconut blast!



Parsley β€“ While many of you may consider parsley as purely a decorative garnish, it actually boasts some incredible health promoting qualities.

It is a powerful diuretic and detoxifier, and helps to prevent bloating and water retention by flushing out the kidneys.

It also helps to boost digestion which is at the core of good health, removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, and cleanses and purifies the blood. Rich in anti-ageing antioxidants, parsley is a great source of vitamins A, C and E plus folate, iron and many other minerals. Parsley is a superb food to fight cellulite for all of these reasons!

I love to add fresh parsley to my salads and green smoothies.