It is not unusual, even at a young age, to find yourself falling into patterns of repeated behavior that, over time, begin to make life feel a little bit dull. The key to breaking this cycle of the status quo is by pushing at the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

By trying something new, and potentially something that initially scares you, what you will find is that your confidence will begin to grow and your willingness to try new things and expand your worldview will only grow with you as time goes on. To get you moving in the right direction, this article is going to give you four great ideas for jumping in the social deep end and challenging yourself to shake things up. The more experiences you accumulate, the more confident and interesting of a person you will become, so there is a lot to be gained by going out and giving these a go.

Taking in the culture

One idea that will get you out of your comfort zone is to go to an event that perhaps you hadn’t considered before. If you go to the Ticket sale website, you will be able to find you can buy tickets to sporting events, theatrical shows, and music concerts, all of which can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people who share some of your similar interests. This option is not only great of making friends but also a great way of motivating yourself to get out of the house. At the end of a long week, sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and stay inside, but if you have tickets to a great event, you will be taking an active step to make sure you get out.

Learn something new

Another great way of taking a step into the unknown is by learning a new skill. During your evenings after work, why not consider doing an evening class to learn cooking or painting? There is a whole heap of benefits of taking evening classes such as getting to know new people and a proven increase in general wellbeing no matter what subject you decide to study.

Putting your health first

A great way of challenging yourself is to start going to the gym regularly. Of course, one of the main reasons you should join a gym is for the benefit of being healthier and happier, but also, being able to master the sometimes intimidating atmosphere of a gym or fitness centre is a really big achievement in stepping out of that comfort zone and building up your confidence.

Getting swept away

Finally, the last suggestion for plunging into the deep end and getting out into the world is to book a mini-break to a destination you have never been before. Dare yourself to try the local cuisine, have a go at learning and speaking the language, and go off exploring by yourself.