Summer is nearly here, and it’s time to plan for the next few months. Will you head off on vacation this summer or enjoy a staycation instead? Maybe you have a summer wedding to attend or one to plan. Whatever you do, make sure you stay healthy and active this season.   

Sleep Well 

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep for well-being. Experts recommend healthy adults get eight hours of sleep every night to regulate energy levels and improve concentration. However, sleep can be harder in the summer months due to external factors like longer days. 


If you want to maintain optimal well-being during summer, anticipate the factors that could affect sleep patterns. Longer days mean lighter sleep at night and less delta phase sleep influencing your daytime energy levels. Consider a sleep mask or some drowsy tea before you head to bed.  

Stay Active 

People should stay active during every season to maintain optimal health and well-being levels. Staying active doesn’t have to mean turning up at the gym three times a week. Unless that is a realistic possibility for you and you enjoy it, staying active is more effective as a general activity. 


In summer, you have more opportunities to stay active. The weather is usually sunny and dry, and you have long days to enjoy trips to the lakes and hills to support well-being. Staying active could mean running a marathon, but equally, it could mean some light yoga in the morning. 

Stay Organised 

No matter where you are in life, organisation helps. Staying organised reduces stress and improves well-being in your home, your workplace, and your mind. If you feel disorganised, you won’t perform at your best, so get a notebook and start arranging all those stray thoughts. 


Summer is also the perfect time for events, especially weddings. If you have been engaged recently, or it’s time to look for a wedding venue, don’t miss out on the best wedding venues. Wedding venues play a key role in the success of your big day. So make the right choice.  

Physical Health 

Looking after your physical health in summer means staying active, but it also means looking after your skin and eyes. In summer, the days are long, hot, and dry, and these conditions affect the skin in the short and long term. Always moisturize, lighten your makeup, and use sunscreen.   


It’s also important to look after the health of your eyes. Invest in a pair of quality UV sunglasses for summer vacations, driving, and everyday wearing. The sun gives off UV radiation that can cause serious eye issues, but non-UV glasses allow you to look at the sun without protection.  

Stay Hydrated 

Around 60% of the body is made of water. Water is used to replace lost fluids and create new ones, like blood and saliva. Not only that, staying hydrated supports better skin health, especially during the dry season. Experts recommend drinking around four litres of water every day to stay healthy. Make sure you drink plenty of green tea or keep a water bottle with you.