It can be very easy to disparage those who are interested in self-care. We might think that those who head to the gym five times a week or those who will never eat a cheat meal are simply taking things too far, but what we can fail to see is that this has become more than a hobby for them, but a passion and a lifestyle. Of course, it is possible to overtrain and overrestrict your calories, and this can be just as harmful as letting yourself go.


However, it’s important to consider that despite the amount of seemingly faddy dietary trends that come and go and your distaste for those who judge others, it can be worth keeping up with the exciting new trends in self-care, particularly if you wish to live as your healthiest self. In the following post, we hope to explore some of the major shifts and worthwhile new developments in very many areas, allowing you to consider what may be right for you and your lifestyle or to learn something new about a fitness-related line of thinking.


You may want to consider:


The Keto Diet


The keto diet is certainly an exciting trend, but this trend has been going on for a number of years now. The reason it stays a trend is because of how popular it remains. The keto diet community over at Reddit has plenty of excellent advice, progress pics, recipes and words of encouragement for you trying this new eating regime.


Ketosis is quite simply the act of lessening your carbs intake to less than 20g a day, however many practitioners prefer keeping this under 10g or even at naught. The purpose of following this diet is to eat healthy fats and leafy vegetables, as this can provide your body with the grounding to switch fuel source to ketones instead of glucose for its fuel. This can help with those who suffer from the insulin response that diabetics often suffer with, and as you’ll quite literally be using fat as your fuel, it can help you lose plenty of weight rather than storing it.


Additionally, for most, even children, this diet can be helpful and is perfectly safe to partake in. Provided you are a carnivore to some extent and visit your doctor prior to making any dietary changes, you may notice a range of worthwhile health benefits such as a lack of intense appetite each day, more energy, and further mental clarity.


Fulvic Acid


Think about how your meals are presented to you. Odds are, time and time again, you purchase vegetables from the supermarket. Of course, if you purchase them from the grocer, the same problem can apply. When farmland is toiled and toiled and toiled again, the minerals in the soil have little chance to replenish, and this can lead to minerally deficient food. It’s quite clear to see how this can be a problem, especially when it relates to your vegetables, perhaps the items that we all expect to be the most nutritionally dense when choosing what to eat in any given week.


Fulvic acid is quite simply a distillation of said minerals. If you are able to drink a few squirts of this in a glass of distilled water each day (or perhaps some vegetable juice), you may notice that you will feel a little more energy, that your hair and nails will be a little stronger and come through a little more quickly, and this may also support your joint health. It’s certainly worth looking into.




If you’re someone who adores keeping on top of your self-care, it’s important to consider the amount of apps that can be used to help keep your approach measured and on the right track. For example, apps such as MyFitnessPal exist to help you track your macros, count your calories, scan your food and food measurements to get the right results, and connect with others on their fitness journey.


But this is hardly the end of things. Apps such as Zero help you track your hours for intermittent fasting on a cycle, and that can be a great idea. Apps like Headspace allow you to curate and follow mediation routines and calming exercises to help you maintain your mental health. When you consider the use of apps for your best benefit, you can better measure, maintain, and motivate your progress. But we have simply given three examples, and there exist many more worthwhile apps out there. Be sure to consider how you are living your fitness life, and from there decide to find a product that fits for you. If you need it, you can be sure that someone has tried to develop it, and that in itself can be an inspirational thing.


Ethical Products


Of course, when hoping to live the best lifestyle of self-care, it’s not always about us. Sometimes, it’s about the purchasing decisions you make. What companies do you hope to support? Do you wish to support firms that are dedicated in their sustainability effort? Do they test their products on animals? What about the restorative index of certain products, are they ethically sourced?


To some, especially to those who have cost as a strong factor to consider, it can be hard to stay on top of this. However, there are better and worse products out there, and so committing yourself to research can help you understand what ethical boundaries you are not willing to cross. Additionally, researching plenty, such as reading this UK CBD study 2019 review, can help you keep up to date with current thinking. It takes concerned and ethical consumers to set those trends, to help companies feel justified in doing everything they can to promote these values, and will support them for doing so. That can be much more important than a trend, but ensuring this is evergreen requires our willingness to partake in those efforts, no matter if it’s skincare, supplemental, or in terms of what practices you consider worthwhile.


With this advice, we hope you can thoroughly keep up with the exciting new trends in self-care. Odds are, you’ll enjoy this process all the more.