The benefits of going plant-based with your diet are numerous – from supporting health goals, to making a positive contribution to the environment. While you might appreciate switching to a plant-based diet as an adult, it’s not always so straightforward to make the move as a family, especially if you have young and fussy eaters to feed. It is possible with some careful planning and preparation though, so read on to find out some great tips for going plant-based.

Encourage kids to get involved

Fussy or picky eaters can be the bane of meal-time, but when it comes to plant-based eating, it might actually make meal preparation easier than you expect. A great way to encourage kids to try out new foods is by getting them involved in choosing the foods that go into their meals. You might like to go on a shopping expedition, giving each family member the opportunity to pick out one plant-based item for the meal. Kids are often naturally drawn to interesting colours and shapes, and the fresh produce aisle has plenty of eye-catching diversity to choose from. Afterwards, let them help with the meal preparation or cooking process, to help them feel empowered.

Make plant-based versions of familiar treats

Going plant-based doesn’t mean taking all the fun and joy out of eating. You can still enjoy your favourites, such as fries, pancakes, waffles and more – with a more creative twist! Try adding vegetables such as spinach or beetroot to pancake mixtures to add a bright burst of color, or make your own homemade pizzas and burgers with plant-based ingredients. You can also find some delicious plant-based dessert recipes such as frozen banana ice-cream, smoothies, cakes and other sweet treats, to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Eat the same meal together

Introducing a new type of cuisine can take a little time, especially for younger taste buds, but to make the change as seamless as possible, it’s important for the family to eat together, with the same meal. Try to avoid making a separate meal for children – instead, you might like to include a few different dishes to the menu, with safer items as well as new additions for everyone to enjoy and try out.

Have a clear idea of why you’re doing it

Going plant-based can sometimes be challenging, especially when you have to meal plan, budget and feed a family, and it can certainly be tempting to fall back on easier processed foods out of frustration. But it’s important to remember that you’re making a great step for your family’s health and wellbeing. Alongside steps like using a virtual doctor, taking a little extra time and effort over your family’s food habits can really make a huge difference to your overall quality of life, so keep at it.

Eating plant-based meals can be fun and delicious for all the family, and over time, you might never want to look back.