Eating a plant-based diet is a great way to enjoy better health overall, for every age. Plant-based food is often much easier to prepare, and can easily be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet. There are also environmental benefits. Here are some plant-based foods that are worth adding to your kitchen stores, to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the years ahead.

Eat a variety of colours

Eating a rainbow of colours is easy to do when you have a plant-based diet, and it has an enormous host of benefits coming. Choosing a range of colorful fruits and vegetables ensures that you have a good mix of different plant-based nutrients, each of which have their own unique nutritional composition.

This is because different fruits and vegetables get their colors from a variety of natural compounds. By introducing a variety of colors into your diet, you can include a healthy mixture of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, all of which are essential for maintaining optimum wellbeing.

Add a mixture of plant-based fats into your diet

While eating excessive fatty foods is generally not good for your health, when it comes to eating plant-based items, adding some natural fats to your diet is essential. These include foods like nuts and seeds, as well as fruits such as avocado and coconut, all of which are higher in a variety of fatty acids.

Dietary fats should be consumed in moderation, but are still essential for healthy function, including a source of energy. Fats are also essential for good skin, hair and teeth. Of course, if you have particular dental issues, it is always best to contact a professional, such as a dentist Asheville NC.

Enjoy making more plant-based snacks and treats

Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t have to consist of salads and smoothies, and in fact, you can enjoy a great variety of creative cooking with them. To encourage everyone in your family to embrace a more plant-based diet, you might want to try making your own snacks, including sweet and savoury treats. These are easy to make, and often take very little preparation. With some careful thinking, it’s possible to find a delicious, plant-based version of almost every popular snack time meal that is both tasty and much healthier.

Simple snacks such as popped corn are healthy and low in sugar and fats, needing only a tiny amount of oil to help cook. They can be transformed into both sweet and savory versions, with a simple addition of natural flavoring after cooking. You can also experiment with making plant-based forms of popular sweet treats, such as making fruit rolls with dehydrated berries, apples and other fruits, or even making your own chocolate from scratch, by blending cocoa powder, coconut oil, and a natural sweetener such as maple syrup. Not only are these delicious to make, but they are a great way of learning more about plants, and encouraging all of the family to get involved at meal time.