Irish tenor Paul Byrom will return to the pantomime stage this Christmas playing the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the family favourite Robin Hood at The Helix. Robin Hood will run from 23rd November 2018 to 20th January 2019. Tickets are on sale now from

Where do you shop?It varies, but mainly SuperValu. However, I do try to support local butchers and fruit and veg shops where possible. 

Can you list the contents of your weekly shop?




Sweet potato fries


Mixed Vegetables

Turkey burgers



Ballymaloe Relish

Chia seeds

Peanut butter

Porridge oats

Wholegrain rice




Jaffa Cakes

Describe your typical breakfast

It varies between chicken breast and eggs, bacon and eggs and avocado or a smoothie which contains protein powder and fibre  i.e. chia seeds or oats.  

Describe your typical lunch

Chicken Salad or chicken and brown rice.

Typical dinner

A meat of sorts, with sweet potatoes or vegetables. I’m not a very exciting chef as you can see! 


I do love savoury things which is my downfall. I like popcorn or peanuts and also like a Fulfil bar with my cuppa. 

Is there anything you won’t eat?

Fish. I just can’t. Not cause I love Nemo or anything but because I can’t abide the taste or smell. 

What would you cook to impress someone?

If I cook, I ain’t impressing anyone! Ordering in would be best!

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Crisps of any sort! I could eat 10 packets in one sitting!

What is your ultimate comfort food?

The occasional bag of chips from my local chipper. You can’t beat that! 

What is your favourite takeaway?

I love Thai food. Nothing like a nice chicken green curry.

Have you tried any diet fads in the past six months?

No, but I’ve been working with a company called Real Nutrition and my focus at the moment is to improve my protein intake and overall improvement in food.

What would be your Last Supper?

A Bunsen Burger. Delicious!!

Rosanna’s Verdict: 

It’s always really good to see smaller suppliers supported as Paul does with his local, independent butchers and grocers, and that tends to be reflected in the quality and freshness of food available. Indeed, his weekly shopping list features some really nourishing staple foods, including spinach, avocado, oats, chia seeds and protein-rich chicken, turkey and eggs.

As Paul follows an active lifestyle and rehearsing for his pantomime show is physically and mentally demanding, eating more of a higher-calorie food like avocado should help to keep him feeling full and energised for longer. Avocados are also packed with healthy fats and key nutrients, including potassium, copper, vitamin C, K and B6. Less active people are advised to stick to about half an avocado a day, while more active people and athletes can definitely afford to eat at least a whole one a day to sustain energy levels.

An issue I frequently come across is that plenty of people believe that healthy eating is expensive, but it needn’t be when you know where to shop for the best value and offers, plus bulk buying dried grains, beans, seeds and pulses can really make a difference too. Possibly the only downside of basing your diet on fresh foods is that you need to be more prepared with a well-stocked fridge and cupboards. But that tends to be a small price to pay for the well-recognised health benefits of reducing processed foods, refined sugar and white flour, and foods with a long expiry date. 

Paul opts for a protein-rich breakfast to help keep him feeling full all morning, as the macronutrient helps to stabilise blood sugar and energy levels. It also provides your body with the raw materials it requires in the form of essential amino acids for muscle and tissue repair and the production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies, plus so much more. Paul’s lunch is a chicken salad or chicken with brown rice, both of which offer a good balance of protein and fibre, with brown rice an excellent fibre-rich complex carbohydrate option post-exercise. He could add a serving of steamed broccoli or spinach to really boost his daily intake of dark leafy greens.

For his evening meal, Paul keeps it simple and nutritious with meat, sweet potato or vegetables. Sweet potato is particularly perfect to eat during the colder months, as it’s a warming and energising starchy vegetable packed with anti-oxidant nutrient beta-carotene, which helps to protect skin health and benefits eyesight too. As Paul doesn’t enjoy fish, I would suggest he ensure he’s receiving an adequate daily supply of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA through supplementation, to support his brain and cardiovascular health and for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Although Paul enjoy salty snacks and the occasional takeaway or bag of chips, his everyday diet is well-planned and nutritious, low in refined sugar and processed foods and designed to support his fitness goals. Well done Paul.