It might be an understatement to say our brains are extremely important. Not only do they control our entire bodies, but they also help us process the very core of who we are – and if this is not reason enough to treat it properly, then we do not know what is!
Different parts of the body require different levels of nutrients and other factors to work as best as they possibly can, which is why food is a crucial gateway to this. 

And with that being said, many of us are ditching the meat for a lifestyle overhaul that is in favor of plant power and its benefits. So, what plant-based foods can give our brain exactly what it needs? Read this piece to find out more. 

Why Feed Your Brain?

Your brain needs certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to work to the best of its capability. Did you know the brain is almost 60% fat? The fattiest organ in the body! Which means that fatty acids are vital to its composition and health. Giving your brain the right level of nutrients means you will be able to focus more clearly, feel sharper and improve functions like your memory

Leafy Greens 

Many of us are reminded to eat our greens. Maybe so often that it just becomes background noise as we reach for the cake. But, there is a good reason to eat our salads, as they contain some essential vitamins and minerals which are vital to our brain health. Some examples of these could be vitamin K, which helps regulate calcium in the bones and brain – as excess can lead to Alzheimer’s. Beta carotene, which helps slow down memory decline, and folate, which can help ease and prevent mental fatigue and irritability, are also important.


Walnuts in particular are hailed as iconic brain food – it even looks like a brain! Nuts have been found to be able to strengthen brain wave frequencies if eaten on a regular basis. These brain waves are in connection to healing, learning, and other cognitive functions. There have been some studies to suggest that walnuts can help improve memory, but fatty acids from any nuts are a great source of nutrients for the brain, so feel free to tuck into whichever takes your fancy.


Berries are also an excellent plant-based food source for the brain and can help preserve its health in a few ways. They are packed with antioxidants and flavonoids, which protect the brain from oxidative stress but also help prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. There has been a fascinating study that suggests that berries are able to change the way in which neurons communicate in the brain, which signals to prevent inflammation in the body and also improve cognition.

Whatever you eat, be sure to make sure it is balanced so you are giving your body access to all of the food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats.